Moisturizing your skin after cleansing is essential to retain water, which promotes hydrated and healthy skin.

1. Collagen

Collagen is a skin soothing ingredient that reduces the appearance of dry spots, helps improve firmness by keeping our skin from sagging, giving us that plump, youthful look.

2. Peptides

Triggers skin cells to perform specific functions such as building collagen and elastin, encouraging skin to look and act younger.

3. Ceramides

Restores the protective barrier function of the skin and offers enhanced delivery and exchange of skin lipids. This ingredient is especially suitable for dry skin, aging skin and sensitive skin.

4. Apple Stem Cells

It is not an actual apple stem cell that is used in formulations; it is the secondary metabolites produced by the stem cell that has great benefits on human skin. It boosts production of human stem cells, protects the cell from stress, and decreases wrinkles.

5. Retinoid

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen. They also stimulate the production of new blood vessels in the skin, which improves skin color.

6. Niacinamide

Supports the skin barrier (the outer surface of skin), increases its resiliency, and improves texture by making pores look smaller.

7. A-Arbutin

Can be used in mostly all skin types. Its major benefit is a natural way to lighten skin coloration, even out tones, and reduce levels of dark pigmentations.

8. Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Hyaluronic acid is well known for its skin benefits, especially alleviating dry skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and speeding up wound healing. It can also help relieve joint pain in people with osteoarthritis.

9. Berry / Fruit Antioxidant Extracts

Featured in our gentle cleanser and our exfoliator. Antioxidants help protect the skin by reducing and counteracting free radical production. Inflamed skin impedes the skin’s rejuvenation process. By reducing inflammation, antioxidants allow the skin to repair itself and correct visible damage.

10. Glycolic Acid

An AHA, or Alpha Hydroxy Acid featured in our exfoliator. It’s a water soluble acid and an ingredient that increases luminosity of the skin. It exfoliates the outermost dead layer of the skin (Stratum Corneum), and improves the reflection of light on the skin.

11. Salicylic Acid

A BHA, or Beta Hydroxy Acid featured in our exfoliator. This is an excellent pore-clearing ingredient as it  penetrates into pores to remove bacteria and impurities.

12. Lactic Acid

Stimulates the exfoliation of surface skin cells by interfering with the bonding between these cells. Lactic Acid brightens, smooths, and evens skin, while also making it look firmer. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.