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Once upon a time, in the sun-kissed city of Miami, our founder Eliyahu Fox was raised with a deep appreciation for skin care, ocean conservation, and respect for all people. With almost a decade of experience in the cosmetic industry, he was disillusioned by the widespread unreasonably high pricing, the absence of ethically sourced ingredients, and sustainable products.

Driven by a desire for transparency and honesty, N Ā E L I was born. Our name, meaning "the truth will be revealed," embodies our dedication to integrity, which permeates every aspect of our brand. Our core pillars of inclusivity, transparency, and cleanliness reflect our commitment to promoting openness and purity.

At N Ā E L I, we prioritize trust and community support, using all-natural ingredients and regenerative practices to craft our skincare products. With the help of expert dermatologists and formulators, we set out on a mission to redefine what it means to be luxurious in the beauty industry. We believe everyone deserves access to high-end skin care, and we make it a reality with our attainable price points.

Our products are not only effective but also sustainable. We package them in recyclable glass containers, and they are genderless, pH-balanced, biocompatible, non-toxic, and certified cruelty-free. We invite you to join us on our journey, just as you are, and experience the transformative power of N Ā E L I skincare.

Our promise is to stay true to our roots.

Ā | #AlwaysAboveIndustry

Inclusive. Transparent. Clean

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