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Our founder, Eliyahu Fox, was born in Miami, steps away from the beach. He learned from a young age just how important it is to treat skin, protect our oceans and respect all people. After nearly a decade in the cosmetic manufacturing industry, Eliyahu was disheartened by the prevalent mislabeling, exuberant pricing and lack of ethically sourced quality ingredients and sustainable products. N Ā E L I means “the truth will be revealed,” and it is with that intention and transparency that carries through to N Ā E L I’s core pillars of inclusive, transparent & clean.


N Ā E L I is powered by trust and built off community support, all-natural ingredients and regenerative practices. Alongside a team of dermatologists & formulators, we set out on a mission to redefine ‘luxury’ within the beauty category and to offer the most high-end effective skincare, for all walks of life, at an attainable price point. Our products are made of glass and are entirely recyclable, genderless, PH balanced, biocompatible, non-toxic and certified cruelty-free. Come as you are and join the journey.

Our promise is to stay true to our roots.

Ā | #AlwaysAboveIndustry

Inclusive. Transparent. Clean

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