InStyle - This $19 Retinol Night Cream Is Everything You Need to Treat Lines and Sagging Skin, According to Shoppers

InStyle - This $19 Retinol Night Cream Is Everything You Need to Treat Lines and Sagging Skin, According to Shoppers

By now, you most likely have heard about retinol's transformative power for the skin — there's really nothing that it can't do. From clearing acne and reducing dark spots to smoothing lines and wrinkles, the ingredient should be in your skincare lineup. If you have yet to experience all of retinol's benefits, Amazon shoppers urge you to add Naeli's retinol night cream to your collection ASAP.

Retinol still is one of skincare's miracle ingredients since it treats common skin concerns like acne, dark spots, melasma, and uneven skin tone. Plus, the praised ingredient also treats signs of aging by increasing collagen production. How, exactly? Aishe Balic, esthetician and co-founder of Glo Spa, previously told InStyle that retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, increases cell turnover and exfoliation, ultimately decreasing "acne, brown spots, sun damage as well as fine lines, wrinkles, and textured skin."

The anti-aging overnight cream from Naeli promises to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles while firming and tightening skin due to the increased collagen production that the retinol provides. The formula also has vitamin C to brighten the skin and reduce dark spots and discoloration. If you've used retinol before and it left your skin red and irritated for days, Naeli's cream includes hyaluronic acid to combat the less pleasant effects of the retinol, and leaves skin soothed and deeply hydrated.



 Shoppers report that the retinol cream is "everything you need." Others say they are "obsessed" with it. One wrote, "I am absolutely obsessed! [I have seen] dramatic results in less than a week of use," before adding, "This has now replaced my $208 night cream."

"[It's] great at firming sagging skin," another customer confirmed. "I really like this product! It's a nice, dense cream that glides on easily and absorbs quickly. No heavy scent and has not bothered my sensitive skin either. At 52, I, fortunately, don't have many deep lines, but do have some sagging along the jawline. This cream has noticeably tightened up that area, as well as my neck."

And, if you're worried about the moisturizer weighing down the skin, a final reviewer wrote, "It's not too greasy and not heavy at all, but leaves my skin perfectly moisturized and glowing in the morning."

Cut the extra step of applying a separate retinol and moisturizer at night and add the Naeli retinol overnight cream to your skincare routine.


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